What is a Teachers Pay Teachers Sale? (And how can you save?)

Every now and again, you might see Facebook and Instagram posts advertising Teachers Pay Teachers sales. These pop up, with beautiful graphics and enticing promises, but you're not really sure what they're all about. What's the code? What is the discount? Why should you check it out? 

Well, we're here to hopefully demystify the process a bit, answer all your burning questions and to show you some of our favourites: perfect for you when the next sale comes around!

What is a Teachers Pay Teachers Sale?

What is a TpT Sale?

Teachers Pay Teachers (or TpT) is a one-stop place to find downloadable teaching resources created by teachers. It's the best place to search when you're looking for teaching materials - small or large. 

Several times a year, TpT hold a massive sales event. Many sellers take advantage of this event to put their shops on sale for up to 20% off. TpT also provides a code which takes 5% off the original price - which means you get up to 25% off!

How does this work with real-life money? If a product is usually $10, the seller may put it on sale for 20%, a discount of $2. The TpT code takes 5% off the original price - a discount of 50c - so you get a $2.50 discount and only pay $7.50 for a $10 product! (If the seller sets their shop at a 10% discount, you get 15% off with the code. If they set it at 5% off, you get 10% off with the code)

How Can You Save More?

The discounts for TpT sales are already great, but there is a way to save even more! TpT offers a wonderful incentive to leave feedback on products you love. Each time you leave  feedback, you are rewarded with credit points - and these credit points, allow you to get a further discount.

Leaving feedback is really easy - simply go to 'My Purchases' and click on the 'Provide Feedback' link. Remember to think about what kind of feedback would be useful to other buyers - tell them what you loved about the product!

All My Friends Want to Save Too

Many products are licensed for single teacher use only, which means you can’t share, but there is a way you can help your friends save when they want to buy the same product. Many TpT sellers provide special 'additional license' prices - usually at a discounted rate. Simply go to your 'My Purchases' page and click on the 'Buy Additional Licenses' button. This allows you and your friends to save money while being safe in the knowledge that you are following copyright laws and helping a teacher-author.

How Do I Prepare For A TpT Sale?

The dates of TpT Sales are closely-held secrets - we all want the surprise! So what can you do to prepare? Follow your favourite sellers on TpT and through their preferred social media and look out for sale announcements. Make friends with your TpT wish list - it's a great place to keep track of those 'maybe one day' product. Think about what you'll be teaching later in the year - spend some time looking for the best products available. Give as much quality feedback as you can. And don't forget to use your code and your credits when sales time comes around.

What Are Our Favourite Resources?

We put together a little sneak peek into some of our own favourite resources. Check out our stores for more:

Galarious Goods loves the Hating Alison Ashley Novel Study Bundle because it combines my adoration of Robin Klein books with a fabulous set of resources designed to make it easier for Year 5 and 6 teachers to teach this great novel. 

Top Teaching Tasks loves the Myths and Legends Bundle Close Reading Pack because it engages students with a range of myths and legends from around the world (Volume One includes stories from New Zealand, England, Scotland and Greece). It also provides a wide range of higher order thinking activities!

A Plus Learning loves Conflict Resolution: How to Handle Conflict because I have been teaching them in the classroom and have been very useful and effective to my students so I just had to put it out there to help others hopefully.

Aussie Waves loves the Figurative Language Bundle because I love teaching kids how to use and understand figurative devices in their writing and reading. I feel it is  important  and these tasks make it great FUN!


We look forward to seeing you all at the next Teachers Pay Teachers sale!

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