What is Galarious Goods?

Galarious Goods is a teacher resource shop selling PDF resources. These PDFs might be book studies, unit plans, lessons or other resources - filled with teaching ideas, learning activities, printables and texts for students.

Galarious Goods resources can be found at TeachersPayTeachers - a brilliant resource for teachers around the world.

Why should I buy PDF Resources?

PDF resources are easy to carry around - they fit easily on a computer, hard drive or flash drive! They’re much lighter than physical books!

You can also choose to print out only what you need - or display pages you need on an interactive whiteboard of projector. This is great for your copy and printing budget and great for the environment.

You can also back up your digital resources - they’re so much harder to lose that way!


Why Should I Buy From Teachers Pay Teachers?

There are so many benefits for buyers at Teachers Pay Teachers. It’s easy to purchase with PayPal or credit card. It’s easy to search for resources - especially when you use the extra options on the left hand side. It’s easy to go back and download resources again if you need them. There’s a great preview system so you often know exactly what you’re buying. And have you seen the credit system? You get credits - which equal discounts - every time you leave reviews and ratings on products you've bought

How Do I Know What I'm Buying?

All the Galarious Goods resources for sale on Teachers Pay Teachers have preview files. These let you have a sneak peak at the resources so you can check if it's suited for you and your class. It's kind of like flipping through a book at a shop, but without the shop assistant giving you dirty looks.

Can I share your resources with everyone I know?

No, with a little side of yes. The copyright on the resources mean they should only be used by one teacher or in one classroom (so one teacher can use them for multiple years or in multiple classes or one class with 2 teachers can share a resource). However, you can purchase multiple licenses for your teaching friends - and they're discounted. It's a great way for your teaching team to buy a resource at a lower price.

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